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If you have one of these
Then you need the GreaseNinja

The Motorcycle and Bike 
Chain Oiler that Works!
Lube your Motorcycle or Bike Chain in one easy step, without overspray or waste of lubricant.
The GreaseNinja makes chain maintenance easy and is designed, tested and used by Motorcyclists, Bicyclists, and Professional Mechanics.
Protect your Chain for only $15.00 + $1.65 (U.S. Destination) 2013 Tune-Up Shipping Special

The GreaseNinja is engineered for your Chain Size
The GreaseNinja is virtually indestructible

The leading cause of accelerated drive chain & sprocket wear is lack of lubrication. 

GreaseNinja® enables you to apply the needed lube quickly, properly, and without masking your bike or motorcycle.

The GreaseNinja® has internal porting designed for your drive chain size and places your aerosol lubricant in the correct areas without the mess and waste...Great for those motorcycles with very little exposed chain.
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100% made in the United States of America
United States Patents Pending


Place GreaseNinja on the Drive Chain and Lubricate
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Available Standard Chain Sizes
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Motorcycle Chain Size 530
Motorcycle Chain Size 525
Motorcycle Chain Size 520
with / Without
'O' or 'X' Rings

Bike Chain

Custom Sizes

NEW!! GreaseNinja Flarez

Shipping is FREE if ordered with a GreaseNinja
Grease Ninja Flarez Pack - ONLY $3.75

Make yourself more visible at night with these motion sensitive LED Lights.  Mount the lights to your ride, jacket, or backpack.  The LED light flickers brightly when experiencing motion and draws the attention of the drivers behind you, but will not interfere with your brake light and turn signals.  The LED Lights can also add some 'bling' to your ride.  The GN LED Flarez Pack comes with batteries, and mounting hardware. 




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