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Chain Oiler And Essential Gear

The Motorcycle and Bike Chain Oiler that Works! Lube your Motorcycle or Bike Chain in one easy step, without overspray or waste of lubricant. The GreaseNinja makes chain maintenance easy and is designed, tested and used by Motorcyclists, Bicyclists, and Professional Mechanics. Protect your Chain for only $15.00.

Chain Oiler

No more loss of phone signal and directions while you're in remote places and using your GPS. The Grease Ninja GPS AirAudio allows you to hear all of the turn-by-turn instructions clearly while riding your motorcycle or bike.

GPS AirAudio

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Available Standard Chain Sizes
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Tip: Usually, the chain size is stamped on every 5th or 6th chain link plate.

Motorcycle Chain Sizes:





with / Without
'O' or 'X' Rings

Bike Chain

Custom Sizes Available

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