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Chain Oiler

A Motorcycle & Bike Chain Oiler
That Works!

The leading cause of accelerated drive chain and sprocket wear is lack of lubrication. To resolve this issue, Grease Ninja presents its patented Chain Oiler. Application of the Grease Ninja Chain Oiler is easy, safe, and fast. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Grease Ninja Chain Oiler is manufactured in the United States.

Have limited access to your chain because of exhaust pipes, swing arm, et cetera? Consider the GreaseNinja Spray Tube Kit.

The Kit includes:

• one 4" 90 degree tube
• three additional 8" tubes
• two rigid tube connectors
• two heat-strink tube connectors.

The right angle red tube may come in handy when access to the chain is restricted.  Insert the short end of the red tube into the GreaseNinja and use the 1” connectors to ‘connect to the shortened spray tube.  This will allow the spray tube to come straight to the aerosol can nozzle without severely bending the spray tube. 

For best results, the spray tube should come ‘horizontal’ out of the aerosol can nozzle.  This can be accomplished by moving the retaining wire 'down' the aerosol can.

The 1” connectors help with connecting the GreaseNinja spray tube to other manufacturers lubes that are no longer standard…the six that we know of are REPSOL, Mannol, Motorex, Motul, DuPont Teflon, Wurth, Maxima, Silkolene, and WD40.  Use the Aerosol Manufacturers' spray tube in the can nozzle and use the 1" connector to 'connect' to the GreaseNinja spray tube.



Purchase GN Oiler (any type) + Brush Rag Five Pak or TWO Brush Rag Five Paks - Pay only shipping for one item (Express Shipping only for Canadian and International Destinations)

Chain Oiler Kit

What Makes This Product So Special?

The Grease Ninja Chain Oiler has internal porting designed for your drive chain size and places your aerosol lubricant in the correct areas, resulting in a significantly reduced mess and waste. Its size is especially perfect for those motorcycles with very little exposed chain. Our product is virtually indestructible and even works with the stickiest of chain lubricants. The spray ports are also easy to clean. The price is only $15.00 plus shipping. We hope you're so happy with our chain lube accessory that you also check out our Brush Rag for chain cleaning and GPS audio system for bikers.

Chain Oiler Application Steps

If you are applying the Grease Ninja to a motorized vehicle drive chain, the engine must be turned off.

  1. If motorcycle, raise the rear wheel(s) off the ground—if bicycle, allow for backpedaling without interference.
  2. Expand the retaining wire around aerosol can.
  3. Place spray tube hose in GreaseNinja and aerosol lubricant nozzle. For best results, the spray tube should come ‘horizontal’ out of the aerosol can nozzle. This can be accomplished by moving the retaining wire 'down' the aerosol can.
  4.  Place the Grease Ninja on the drive chain.
  5. Slowly move chain through Grease Ninja by rotating the tire or backpedaling, and dispense lubricant.
  6. Apply lubricant as needed.

100% Made in the United States of America
United States Patent 9,079,720 B1
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