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Grease Ninja - Protect Your Drive Chain

Professional Mechanics Recommend These Lubing Guidelines

Motorcycle GreaseNinja®
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Bicycle GreaseNinja®
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How the  GreaseNinja®  works...
Motorcycle GreaseNinja ®
Read a Product Evaluation by the Canyon Chasers here.

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Watch GreaseNinja lubricate Bicycle Chain Watch GreaseNinja Lubricate Bicycle Chain while Bicycle is on a work stand

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GreaseNinja® is easy to use – IF MOTORCYCLE, THE ENGINE MUST BE OFF
  1)  Raise the rear wheel(s) off the ground if motorcycle; if bicycle allow to back-pedaling without interference.
  2)  Place the GreaseNinja® on the drive chain.
  3)  Wrap the retaining wire around aerosol can or attached the retaining wire on the bike frame.
  4)  Place spray tube hose in aerosol lubricant. For best results, the spray tube should come ‘horizontal’ out of the aerosol       can nozzle.  This can be assisted by moving the retaining wire 'down' on the aerosol can.
  5)  Slowly move chain through GreaseNinja® by rotating the tire or back-pedaling, and dispense lubricant.
  6)  Apply lubricant as needed.

The GreaseNinja® is virtually indestructible and works with the ‘stickiest’ of chain lubricants.  Spray ports are easily cleaned.

A Rider in Missouri accidentally rolled his 700 lb 1974 H-D over the harm done to his GreaseNinja.  Photos are a reenactment - His GreaseNinja had to go through this twice!

Professional Mechanics recommend these lubing Guidelines
1)  Clean and lubricate your Chain with the ENGINE OFF IF A MOTORCYCLE.
2)  Clean your Chain to remove old lubricant and ‘dirt’
3)  Lubricate your chain when warm to help the lubricant to flow into chain components – follow directions on

4)  Place lubricant in these chain areas:
a.  Between Roller Pin and Link Plate
b.  Between Link Plates
c.  On the surface of the Link Plate to prevent corrosion
5)  Refer to your Owner's Manual for lubrication frequency intervals

The 'Grease Spot' is an email letter for Motorcycle and Bicycle Tips on Maintenance from Riders like you.  If you have a Maintenance Tip on any aspect of maintenance, let us know about it.  If we use it, we will send you a GreaseNinja Spray Tube Kit

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