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Find Your Way With the Grease Ninja AirAudio System

Motorcyclists and bicyclists finally have a solution for safely using their GPS system while they are on the road. The robust design of the Grease Ninja AirAudio is based on the proven technology of sound transmission through an air tube and provides crystal clear audio of the driving directions. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our biking accessory is available worldwide.

Using GPS AirAudio

What's Included In Your Order

The Grease Ninja GPS AirAudio is a passive intercom system, and does not require modification to your GPS device. Included in every order are these four rugged components: pick-up mic, adjustable over-the-ear bud, flexible polymer tubing, and attachment bands. This patent-pending system is available for the low price of $12.00 plus shipping. If you like our motorcycle GPS accessory, you should also check out our patented drive chain oiler

How It Works

The setup and operation of the Grease Ninja GPS AirAudio is quick and easy.

  1. Input your destination to your GPS device.
  2. Attach the pick-up microphone over the GPS device external speaker with the attachment bands.
  3. Wear the adjustable fit over-the-ear bud under your helmet.
  4. Connect the air tubes.
  5. Store your GPS safely in your jacket pocket or tank bag and out of the weather.
  6. You are now ready to explore new destinations without worry of getting lost!

100% Made in the United States of America
United States Patent 9,079,720 B1
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