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A Breakthrough In The Way You Clean Your Drive Chain Saving You Time And Money!

The leading cause of accelerated drive chain and sprocket wear is lack of lubrication and one of the worst things to do is to oil a ‘dirty’ chain which prevents the chain lubricant from being where it needs to be… on the chain components. 

With the GreaseNinja ‘Brush Rag’ chain cleaning is no longer the most tedious and messy chore of motorcycle maintenance.  The ‘Brush Rag’ is a disposable, flexible brush specifically designed for cleaning the motorcycle drive chain with kerosene. The ‘Brush Rag’ is approximately 5” x 5” in size with a hand strap on the back of the brush.  

The ‘Brush Rag’ consists of flat bristles on a flexible backing, allowing it to be ‘wrapped’ 3600 around the drive chain for efficient chain cleaning.   When the cleaning process is completed, the ‘Brush Rag’ is easily cleaned or discarded. 

 The Brush Rags are sold in Paks of five for $10.00 + Postage


SAVE ON SHIPPING COSTS!   BUY TWO - SHIP FOR ONE!   Purchase GN Oiler (any type) + Brush Rag Five Pak or TWO Brush Rag Five Paks - Pay only shipping for one item (Express Shipping only for Canadian and International Destinations)


Brush Rag - After

What Makes This Product So Special?

The ‘Brush Rag’ provides the following advantages over conventional brushes for cleaning the drive chain: 

1)    Bristle contact is 3600 around the chain, eliminating the need to re-position the brush to clean all sides of the chain.

2)    Bristle pressure is easily controlled by the direct ‘tactical’ sensing by holding and squeezing of the Brush Rag’ around the chain.

3)    Debris being removed from the chain is captured in the brush bristles eliminating ‘flinging’ of the grit & grime particles and cleanup of the motorcycle and surrounding area.

4)    The ‘Brush Rag’ provides a ‘catch basin’ when held under the chain during the application of cleaner, minimizing overspray, waste and cleanup.

5)    The ‘Brush Rag’ is quickly cleaned with a cloth of chain grit and grime during the cleaning process.  When the chain cleaning process is completed, the ‘Brush Rag’ is cleaned by wiping bristles with a cloth and left to dry.

6)    Total time for chain cleaning is drastically reduced.

The Brush Rag is also great at scrubbing / cleaning tires, spokes, and other 'hard to get at' places.

Chain Cleaning Application Steps with the ‘Brush Rag’

If you are cleaning a motorized vehicle drive chain, the engine must be turned off.

1. Place Motorcycle on center stand or jack to raise rear wheel
2. Slip Brush Rag onto Hand and place under portion of chain to be cleaned
a. Lay paper under chain area to be cleaned for potential cleaner drippings
3. Spray chain cleaner or K1 Kerosene onto chain, using Brush Rag to catch overspray
4.  Close hand to wrap Brush Rag around the chain
a. Move Brush Rag back and forth over chain until chain debris is removed
b. Grip as required to increase / decrease brush pressure
5. Reposition Brush Rag to next portion of chain to be cleaned. Wipe Brush Rag with cloth as required to remove debris. Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 until entire chain has been cleaned.
6.  Dry off chain with clean cloth rag

Care of ‘GreaseNinja®’ Brush Rag

1. The ‘GreaseNinja®’ Brush Rag is designed for cleaning one to three chains depending on the degree of chain fouling
a. After each use, wipe debris / cleaner off of Brush Rag with cloth, allow to dry
b. When Brush Rag begins to ‘shed’ bristles, properly dispose of it


100% Made in the United States of America
United States Patent 9,079,720 B1
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