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GreaseNinja GPS AirAudio

Review from Dave in Virginia

I have meant to write you several times about the GPS AirAudio unit.  It is incredible how well it works.  I have a Magellan, old GPS unit, that I cannot see when I put it in the window of my tank bag.  I can't possibly hear it even on the loudest setting.  I hooked up the GreaseNinja GPS AirAudio unit, stuck my Magellan in my jacket pocket, put on my half helmet with leather ear flaps.  I can hear my GPS  unit loud and clear on the low volume setting.  I really didn't expect the AirAudio to work as well as it does - very impressive, and I don't have to plug it in for power either...this is a very nice feature.

GreaseNinja 'Brush' Rag Chain Cleaner

Dave in Tennessee

I used the B-Rag chain cleaners I purchased the chain oiler. I really like it!

Jose in California

Hi GreaseNinja, check out my new video reviewing the GreaseNinja Brush Rag

Emmett in Louisiana

Hi folks, I also bought some of your red cleaning pads (Brush Rag), they work really well!

Review from Christopher in California

Take a look at my nice clean Tiger chain.  The Brush Rag is now my new go-to tool for what used to be the messiest part of the dreaded chain maintenance task. The Brush Rag gave me much more feel and control to work out the built up dirty grime than I could ever get with my Grunch chain brush. Rotating through section by section, I sprayed kerosene into the Rag while cupping the chain with it and wiped vigorously. It's almost magic! Give a big thank you for me to the person who developed this new tool.  The Brush Rag together with the Ninja chain oiler actually made maintaining my chain another satisfying time with my Tiger.  I'll recommend both your website/chain products to other riders when they ask, "how do you keep your chain looking so nice?"

Review from Mike in Missouri

Used the B-Rag today - little to no cleanup! - not like using the standard chain brush which is like 'brushing your teeth with your mouth open'.

Review from Dale in California

I wanted to let you know the pads work a lot better than the old three sided brush method. A lot less mess and splatters.

GreaseNinja Chain Oiler


Read Review in Motorcycle Mojo

April 2020 Issue - Page 61

Canyon Chasers - David Palazzolo "Dave" (Salt Lake CIty, UT)

A "revolution in chain maintenance" that actually works as advertised

Keeping the Grease Ninja aligned and properly on the chain proved to be cumbersome and my experience with all the other crazy products I've tried had me ready to give up and toss this into the round file. But I kept at it; adjusting the copper wire around the can, re-bending it, even trying a couple different plastic nozzles until I found the right combination.

Once I felt confident I'd gotten it figured out, I cleaned off all the spattered and clumped chain lube from the chain (and all surrounding surfaces) to give it one last try. Low and behold, it worked - and it worked brilliantly! The Grease Ninja put a perfect little bead of chain lube directly over the O-rings, between each plate of the chain! I'd be lying if I didn't say I stood there with my mouths hanging open. Never, in all my years of lubing chains had I ever seen such a perfectly lubed chain.

In my excitement I rushed around and lubed the chains on every motorcycle in the garage until I had emptied my can of lube. To be fair, the Grease Ninja does take some time to figure out, but the end result is worth it. Not only does the Grease Ninja put the lube exactly where it will do the most good, but it prevents lube from getting all the places you don't want it. Like your swingarm, your exhaust pipes, your wheel, your tire or all over the ground; which means you use less chain lube. I'd also be willing to say that using this little device, which puts lube exactly where it should be, will make a notable difference in how long your chain will last.

It's not often I stumble across a product like this; as affordable as it is effective. For a mere $15, you'd be foolish not to have one of these in your garage.

Christos in the Greece

I received it today.  Awesome!  Happy to deal with you.

Mark in the United Kingdom

It arrived today. Thank you. Seems to work well. Happy with the GreaseNinja.

Vladan in Serbia

It works Perfect!

Albert in Andorra

I wanted you to know that I received your Grease Ninja and it works flawlessly as expected.

Jonathan in Texas

I finally got to use it yesterday. Absolute game changer!
Thanks again for the assistance wonderful customer service!

Ivan in Switzerland

I finally had the chance to use the Ninja on my bike and it is exactly as I imagined it to be…simply great.
The Ninja has truly exceeded my already high expectations, not only the distribution of the grease is finally extremely precise on the chain but also the amount of product I need to apply is sensibly reduced due to the very little to no waste of it! This is a huge plus for the cleaning of the wastes and especially for the safety of the drive of the vehicle avoiding any excessive grease to end up on the back tyre. I honestly believe the Ninja should be a standard tool for all bike shops and part of every biker’s kit. If I may suggest a little improvement, it would be to print or engrave the writings and logo on the top of the Ninja instead of the sticker mine came with wich came off at the first wash, a part for this I don’t see any other improvements needed. Great tool indeed!

Boon in Malaysia

Received and used the motorcycle chain oiler. Great and innovative product. Best investment I've done thus far for my Ducati. Highly recommended in Malaysia. 

Louis in Illnois

Thank you. Your GreaseNinja fits prefect on my motorcycle chain- should of bought this before. Now I can do this with one hand.

Dean in Canada

Just used the grease ninja you sent in the mail. It worked great, as advertised I was able to oil my chain directly over both chain links with no wasted chain oil spraying over rear wheel and ground. Simple but yet very effective tool for oiling motorcycle chains. 

Ovidiu in Romania

That's a very nice tool, sir!  I kinda love it :):):)!

Amos in Nevada

Used my new Grease Ninja on my Ninja! I think they're going to be good friends!

Jose in California

Hi GreaseNinja, check out my new video reviewing the GreaseNinja Chain Oiler

Toby in New Zealand

You do great products and I'm looking forward to trying the Brush Rag, I have your chain oiler and it works perfectly.

Emmett in Louisiana

Hi folks, I bought a grease Ninja from you a while back, and really like it, but I see that it comes with additional tubes, and connectors to help it connect with other manufacturers spray tubes, and maybe one or more other things.

Ray in Thailand

I appreciate you getting it to me as I live in Sansai Noi, Thailand, just outside Chiang Mai. Thailand isn't like the US...If we can't find something here, we have to order it online.  I already used it on my bike and my nephew's bike...It works great...Good design...It will last a LOOOONG TIME.

Chris in California

I have been using a Grease Ninja for about a year now, and it's the best motorcycle maintenance tool I've ever used. I just wish I had found it years ago.

Zenon in New York

Love your product. Now I have an additional bike and this chain is way bigger than what is on my Yamaha XT250 - need another GreaseNinja

Don in Canada

The reputation of your GreaseNinja (yes it has a good one) is what prompted me to make the purchase. I just transitioned to chain from shaft drive after 38 years, and want to make maintenance as painless as possible.

Chris in California

Your Grease Ninja Chain Oiler works like a charm. It’s super easy and is quite efficient at pushing the lube into the O-rings where it’s supposed to go, without all the mess I used to experience with this job.  

Matthais in Germany

I received the GreaseNinja today and tried it out. Great invention, why haven't I had it before!

Review from Scott in New Jersey

I have your chain oiler—worx a treat.

Review from Dave in Australia

I received my chain “Grease Ninja” today. Thanks for an easy and problem-free transaction.

Review from Dave in Australia

I've been using your "Grease Ninja" on my 2017 Ninja 1000 for about a year now, and love it!

Review from Michael in Australia

The GreaseNinja is a winner, so easy to apply to the VFR on the centre stand.  Best of all with the white grease, I rarely over-grease the chain.

Review from Jim in Oregon

This will be my third grease ninja. Bought one for my motorcycle and liked it so much ordered one for my son and now getting this one for my bicycle!

Review from Jonathan in the United Kingdom

I love your products 

Review from Nick in Australia

I received my chain “GreaseNinja” today. Thanks for an easy and problem-free transaction.

Review from Charles in Oregon

I bought a GreaseNinja about 1 1/2ish years ago. Just moved and seemed to have lost it somewhere, got a couple buddys who might buy one as well. Great invention!

Review from Ron in Tennessee

Over 30,000 miles on my D.I.D. 525 Gold X-Ring chain on my 2008 V-Strom 650 using the Grease Ninja. I do a thorough cleaning with kerosene about every 2-3000 miles and then I use Honda Pro Chain Lube W/Moly every 300-500 miles and wipe the sideplates with WD-40 each time I use the grease ninja. No kinked links or leaky rings. I've had to adjust the chain several times over the life of the chain and I still have room left to adjust. The grease ninja is a wonderful product and has been an integral part of my chain maintenance schedule. A simple and great product to say the least.

Review from Mark in New Zealand

Used the GreaseNinja this afternoon to lube the chain on my V-Strom 650 and the most difficult part was finding another spray cap for the can so I could slip the delivery tube into it. The original can cap had a tube extension which is the same diameter as the tube you supply. Once that was sorted it was all go. I had been out on the bike so the chain was warm - had been left for a while to cool - and I spread some newspaper on the concrete to catch any drips. There were a few but I suspect that was me using it for the first time rather than anything else. The nylon block sits nicely on the inside of the chain and I rotated the wheel in a clockwise direction to avoid any chance of catching the block between the chain and the sprocket. I sprayed the chain for three to four complete passes and then left it. It couldn’t be easier! A brilliant piece of design! I’ll be singing the praises of the GreaseNinja to those I know with chain drives.

Review from Steve in Georgia

I just received my Grease Ninja yesterday size 525 for my 2018 Yamaha xsr900. I had the chain prepared and used the Ninja last night. This was the first time ever using a GN. I absolutely love it. It worked so good that I'm going to order one in size 520 for my 2017 Yamaha yz250fx. Thanks for an awesome product!!

Review from Mitchell in Oregon

I purchased two of your GreaseNinja’s from your website recently for me and a buddy. It works as advertised (i.e., fantastically!).

Review from Neil in the U.K.

I received my 2nd Grease Ninja today, already lubed my chain ready for the better weather next year !!!  Excellent Product.

Review from Sam in Virginia

I knew of the grease ninja product from looking after my bike in Australia and this is an automatic purchase as part of the must have kit here in the USA. Your gear is excellent!

Review from Idan in Israel

I’ve been using your chain oiler for years and I love it. Thanks for making a great and unique solution available to us riders.

Review from Simon in Illinois

Puts the lubricant exactly where it needs to go. Brilliant!!

Review from Scott in Canada

You nailed it and made me sound pretty good hope my fellow riders agree with it! 

We all agree that Grease ninja is the tool to have at the track, had another rider on pit lane draping a cloth to cover his rim so he wouldn’t get any lubricator on the tire and using the two handed method and a toe to turn the wheel. I pulled out the grease ninja and he was impressed with the ease of use and the efficiency of the application of lubricant.

Review from Terry in Oregon

Sorry to get back to you so late . The hole thing worked great (grease ninja). The best time i have ever had lubing a chain. Once again great product   

Review from Jurgen in Beligum

The Grease Ninja is really superb! Really happy I bought one. And price is a bargain. Shipment to Belgium (Europe) was very fast and without any problem. Thank you for the good service.

Review from Bob in California

I used the grease ninja for the fist time on Thursday and it made lubing the chain very easy.  I have a single sided swingarm on my KTM and the way that arm/chain setup is, it's difficult to lube the with the chain lube can and tube. This made it a breeze and a much cleaner delivery.  I just have tell you that your customer service is awesome.  I had a couple of questions, so I called and got the questions answered.

Review from Scott in Missouri

Awesome little tool!

Review from David in Minnesota

This is my favorite thing to gift a new rider. Just bought my third one myself (multiple bikes and 520/525/530 various chain sizes.) I love the way the Grease Ninja just works, and always recommend them, have for several years now. Tens of thousands of miles of chain maintenance made infinitely easier for me so far.

Review from B.J. in the Netherlands

The product got here faster than expected and I tried it a couple of times now. So far, it does exactly what was promised, which is great. So great, in fact, I orderen one for my dad.

Review from Jim in Nevada

I finally got around to using my chain Oiler on my Honda Interceptor and it works flawlessly-the only place the chain lube went was on the chain- rollers, side plates, etc. nothing on the swing arm, rim or tire. Immaculate job. Yes, I put a piece of cardboard on my garage floor to catch any excess but there wasn?t much. I?ve been piling chains for 56 years and this is perfection. I will no longer postpone oiling my chain and look forward to using the bicycle chain Oiler I also purchased

Review from David in Colorado

Thanks for the info, and btw, fantastic product!

Review from Marc Andre in Canada

I finally used the grease ninja. pretty straight forward, easy to use and does exactly what it’s supposed too. no overspray and less waste. the design is good, the rod is sturdy enough to be able to apply a little bit of downward pressure to keep the grease ninja in place and your other hand is free to turn the wheel. shot a little wd-40 in there after to keep it clean and thats it. a minute later i was done the whole process. great job it works ?

Review from James in Washington

Love the Grease Ninja chain oiler. Chain lubing is somewhat of a "ting" for BMW riders, and my ride is no exception. I've gotten proficient with the Ninja so much now, I don't even use a cardboard catch to lube up. There is no excuse for a dry crusty chain now that the Ninja has entered my garage. Fantastic product - I don't know how I've lived without it.

Review from Alexandre Kopte Garcia in Brazil

A very simple tool that brings more efficiency in the lubrication of the chain, saving product without making dirt.

Review from Danny in Belgium

Wow guys! You are absolutely geniuses!  I first heard from your product on the YouTube channel from, ordered it immediately and received it faster then I could hope for.  I used the GreaseNinja yesterday for the first time on our bikes and what a revelation!  I'm not joking! No more excessive spray on the chain itself, the parts that need to be lubed are actually properly done now and the other parts nearby stay clean.  You've got yourselves a huge fan in Belgium now, who's going to spread the word among his biker friends.   Cheers!   

Review from Ken in Canada

I already purchased your 520 oiler and I love it!  Getting a new bike with larger chain, so happy to support you and buy another one!

Review from Dani in Spain

Just to inform you that I've already received and tested it! I'm really happy to see how well it works, it's fantastic! It's very easy to use it and very clean. Congratulations for such a fantastic little tool!

Review from Razak in Malaysia

I had try the greaseninja and it function very good. I'm very satisfied. Congratulation.

Review from Jean in Canada

Thank you for providing such a useful tool.  I have been using it since I got it in October and it has been a life saver with chain maintenance  I had ordered two of them and gave one to a friend who has enjoyed using it.  I do appreciate the refund on cost of the postage, it is very refreshing to work with honest people like yourself.  Thanks again and I will be recommending Grease Ninja to all my motorbike buddies.

Review from Fred in the Netherlands

As promised my feedback about the grease ninja. I was very pleased with it and I used it beginning of this week. Took me some time to find the proper way to apply the grease (lack of space between the chain and the rear stand) but once I got it it worked really nicely.  Again very pleased with it :)

Review from Nikos in Greece

Very good product, I am very pleased, sprays Straight on the chain

Review from Brandon in California

Thank you for creating such an awesome product. Truly my favorite tool in my motorcycle arsenal. Simple and effective and makes chain maintenance so dang easy. I used my 530 grease ninja on my trip to Alaska and the East Coast as well as at home all the time. I always brag about it and introduce it to other riders who have never even heard of it. Figured its time to pick one up for my dirt bike

Review from Arnie in the UK

Tried out the grease ninja today and it works very well , I no longer need to wipe off any excess lube that I always had with just spraying my chain , great product 

Review from Steve in Florida

I do all the maintenance on the bike myself and I could not be more impressed with the Grease Ninja and how well it performs.

Simple, inexpensive, gets the job done.

Review from Dave in Maine

I use Grease Ninja for my chain lube on my Street Triple and am getting 2 addt’l for my son (FZ-07) and son-in-law (Street Triple RS).  Great product!  Love the controlled and proper distribution of the lube right on the O-rings.

Review from Antonio in France

The kit tube 90 degres resolved my problem! I clean and grease my chain every week, is realy magic for me, thanks a lot

Review from Duane in Canada

Just received it and love it. Works they way it describes. No mess lubing chain.

Review from Bob in Australia

Just received the Grease Ninja.Many thanks. Wish I had one of these years ago. Bloody brilliant!!!!!! Once again, thanks.

Review from Tim in Australia

My greaseninja arrived and I have tried it out and I have to say it works great.  I am very impressed and will tell all my bike riding friends.

Review from Mike in California

I use my greaseninja chain oiler every time, it works great

Review from David in the UK

Just to confirm safe receipt of the greaseninja, fantastic service and product.

Review from Chris in the UK

Just reporting back with some feedback now that I’ve used the GreaseNinja a couple of times.  The GreaseNinja is brilliant.  It’s easy to use.  There’s no mess.  The lube goes in the right place.  

I heard about the GreaseNinja in a YouTube video called “How to clean and lube a motorcycle chain” on the “CanyonChasers Motorcycle Adventure, Sport and Touring” channel.  I confess I needed that video.  When I had my first bike I could never get the chain very clean.  I made a big mess and the lube went everywhere.  I then got a Harley and vowed never to get a bike with a chain again.  I went back on that and bought a Honda NC 750 S about six weeks ago.  I decided I’d find out how to do the chain properly, and take some pride in it.   The GreaseNinja makes the lubing part easy.  Thanks so much for selling such a brilliant product at such a reasonable price.

Review from Rene in Norway

I got my product, and I just wanted to say how amazing it is! You guys are awesome!

Review from Christian in Poland

I wanted to let you know that yesterday I have received the package. Everything is ok, it works like a charm, great and useful tool.

Review from Trent in Canada

I was able to use the GreaseNinja on the weekend and it worked just like in the video. No over spray and the chain lube exactly where it needs to be!

Review from Dennis in Hawaii

I found the GreaseNinja - Chain Oiler from a YouTube tutorial on how to clean/lube motorcycle chains as it was my first time attempting it. The GreaseNinja lubed my chain with ease and the excess lube dripped only in one direction (down) versus hearing the tales from my buddies of their way spraying all over the place! The one thing I wished I knew before getting the product was that the wire that wraps around the can could only bend a certain degree so it can't wrap around thin cans without modifications, but I was able to get assistance from the GreaseNinja team to receive a solution. Thanks guys! I'll be recommending this product.

Review from Gert Jan in the Netherlands

My GreaseNinja has arrived in good order, fits the chain and is working perfect.  Thx for your service

Review from Alisanto in Indonesia

I would like to confirm that your package is well received today.  The product is simple but help to ease all lubrication process.

Review from Kevin in Ohio

Just wanted to let you know I received my Grease Ninja’s and did the review video on it already. I’m very pleased with this simple device. Saves a lot of time and mess. Here is the link to the video if you’d like to watch it.

Review from John in the U.K.

My GreaseNinja arrived safely in the UK yesterday, and was put into action this morning. Its fantastic, well done!! Something small and easy to use ( I like "small & easy" :-D ). You can't beat it, thank you!!

Review from Michael in Australia

Just letting you know that I received the grease ninja today 30/5/18. I have just used it, and does the job well.

Review from Tim in California

I think the grease ninja is awesome! Keeps from making a mess, while applying the right amount of lube, very quick and easy to use. I also appreciate the excellent customer service.

Review from Lieven in Belgium

I tested the Grease Ninja and it's working great, super product, finally greasing without any mess!

Review from Christian in Uruguay

I really enjoy using ninja grease chain oiler. I have been riding motorcycles for more than 10 years and its amaizing how it does its job. Thank you!

Review from Rob in Australia

I cleaned and lubed my chain today and the grease ninja worked perfectly. No mess but the chain is perfectly lubed. Great product! 

Review from Konstantinos in Greece

I receive my order with the complete set of the Chain Oiler and today I have made the first chain lube with your equipment.
It is outstanding, really works, much faster and targeting at the needed chain areas without spraying all over the wheel, hub etc. Simple and reliable.

Review from Hassan in Qatar

Awesome product the "GreaseNinja - Chain Oiler", It helps a lot when lubing my chain and would highly recommend it to other people. Just wanted to let you know that you have a happy customer in Qatar

Review from Michael in the United Kingdom

Your product is working well and it saves me even more time for me in the winter than it did in the summer ,this is very much appreciated.

Review from Rick in Australia

A simple, practical item. It saves lube and keeps the tire and swingarm lube free.

Review from John in California

Both my son and I have used the GreaseNinjas on both dirt and road bikes. Great product! Chain lubrication is more thorough, much faster, with less waste and mess.

Review from Brad in New Zealand

I just received my chain oiler and just wanted to say Thank you and what an excellent piece of equipment at a really affordable price.
Keep up the great work,

Review from John in Australia

All well, takes all the hard work out of lubing up that chain. Thanks

Review from Durai in Singapore

Glad to have the opportunity to try the product 1st hand and I was amazed how easy it was to use the product to lube my motorcycle chain.  I helped 2 of my friends to purchase this product on their behalf and they too were delighted on the usage of the product, not to mention the quality of the product at such a reasonable price.  Good Job and well done Grease Ninja, finally me and my friends can save more on our chain lube from now on, thanks to you guys

Review from Dave in Minnesota

Considering this is like my third order, I think you could consider this my feedback!   I tend to buy them for any of my friends with a bike that doesn't have one yet.  Canyon Chasers plugged your product enough to convince me to try it out. After a single use, sold, instantly. I stick it under my seat with a can of lube and one of these portable stands and I can clean, lube and tighten my chain anywhere in the world without even needing a tank bag on my pretty bike.

Review from Gil in New York

I have tried the GreaseNinja this afternoon, I was surprised how easy it is to apply, and as advertised, there was no waste and splatter of lubricants which is fantastic.  I have recorded on a cellphone video the GreaseNinja application and will upload it on our group chat, just to show my riding group how convenient and easy it is to use.

Review from Phil in Australia

It is the work of genius. First time use of my new Ninja, I excused myself from family life for an hour as usual. Cleaned the chain with kerosene and some bits of old bed sheet and came up like new as usual. Then tried the oiler for the first time. Ridiculous! Ridiculously easy. Perfect oiling the full length of the chain with no overspray, in 15 seconds (which included 10 seconds of faffing about lining it up. Suddenly the whole pain-in-the-ass of cleaning and oiling the chain is gone. I'm almost looking forward to the next time. Folks, just get one. Absolute no-brainer at this price.

Review from Mukhriz in Malaysia

I have received the GreaseNinja. I'm very happy with the product, wish I had known about this sooner!

Review from Nick in Australia

I have been using the Grease Ninja on my 2016 Kawasaki ZX14r SE for 3 months now. This is an absolutely fantastic device. It is a very simple design that does a brilliant job of applying the right amount of lubrication to the chain. Gone are the days of overs spraying chain lube on wheels or other places inadvertently. It is easy to set up via the clear instructions and the device fits my chain perfectly. There is no over spray, almost zero wastage of chain lube and the chain rollers receive a uniform amount of lubrication. The whole process is effective, quick and simple.  I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It really is that good!

Review from Dale in Canada

Used grease ninja for the first time.  The idea  and execution is brilliant. Lubing my chain has never been easier.  With lube being applied exactly where it should be with no overspray and very little waste.

Review from Claudio in Spain

We do the job with two people: one turning the wheel at continuos speed, the other one with the greaseninja and a cloth to stop the splattering. This way you finish the job in less then a minute.

Review from Chris in Maryland

I love this thing.  All the years i been lubing bike chains and get lube all over the place and not getting it where it needs to go! This product is awesome! I don't mind lubing my motorcycle chain anymore. It's so easy it's not a hassle anymore. I knew there was a better way! I would recommend this for any body who hates lubing chains. Great product!

Review from Simon in Australia

Took 5 minutes to figure how the spray sits in the holder, after that, using the grease ninja is simple, makes greasing the chain a breeze, no mess either!

Review from Nelson in New Zealand

What a great invention for those of us who still check our chain every 600km. Lube has gone on even and not smothering the entire chain, this product will have paid for its self in 4 600km rotations given the cost of chain lube here in New Zealand. Well made product simple and robust thanks for it.

Review from Bill in Montana

Received today. What a fantastic tool ! Eliminates wasted lube overspray and the mess that goes with it. Best thing is the spray is positioned on the links so each side of the chain is covered. No shaky aiming required.

Review from Stephen in New York

I just used my Grease Ninja for the first time, and MAN WHAT A AWESOME LITTLE TOOL!!! I can totally see my can of lube lasting 5 times as long as it goes exactly where it needs to go. I'm totally happy with this product, and I will continue to recommend it.

Review from Jon in Kansas

Just used the ninja several days ago and I don't know how I ever got along without it. No mess at all and chain is perfectly lubed.

Review from Frank in Florida

I have been using a Grease Ninja chain lube applicator for just over a year now on my 2006 Yamaha YZF R1 and 2015 Yamaha FZ09. The applicator works really well on both bikes and eliminates the usual over spray problem. I also recommend using 'Dupont Chain Saver", It's a wax based Teflon chain lube that dries in no time and will not sling off. Really good stuff in combination with a Grease Ninja.

I highly recommend both for any ones tool kit. - Click Here to view 'How to Clean and Lube Your Chain' Video

Honda RC51 Forum

Review from FireBlades.Org

Back in November 2012, I got wind of a chain lubrication device called the Grease Ninja. Seems like I watched a youtube video of it, and thought it was worth a try, especially at only $15.

I got the impression that Tom, owner of Grease Ninja (and maybe My Space? ) was a start-up who had a good product that was not just another 'better mouse trap'. I'm really glad I bought it, and can't believe I waited so long to try it out. The only reason is because I was procrastinating rigging the apparatus to the spray can. That was easily tackled in about 3 minutes.

You guys and gals, this thing is a no-brainer!

This simple little plastic block is engineered just right to do exactly what it's supposed to. It comes with various straws to fit different size spray nozzles, that’s handy! And it allows you to hold the can straight up for when your spray can is almost empty. For complete review click RC51 or FireBlades Link Review from FireBlades.Org

By Doug Danzeisen "frankfan42" (Dayton, Ohio USA)

Works well and makes a messy job easier, with one hitch, April 13, 2012

By David Palazzolo "Dave" (Salt Lake CIty, UT)

A "revolution in chain maintenance" that actually works as advertised,September 6, 2013

Keeping the Grease Ninja aligned and properly on the chain proved to be cumbersome and my experience with all the other crazy products I've tried had me ready to give up and toss this into the round file. But I kept at it; adjusting the copper wire around the can, re-bending it, even trying a couple different plastic nozzles until I found the right combination.

Once I felt confident I'd gotten it figured out, I cleaned off all the spattered and clumped chain lube from the chain (and all surrounding surfaces) to give it one last try. Low and behold, it worked - and it worked brilliantly! The Grease Ninja put a perfect little bead of chain lube directly over the O-rings, between each plate of the chain! I'd be lying if I didn't say I stood there with my mouths hanging open. Never, in all my years of lubing chains had I ever seen such a perfectly lubed chain.

In my excitement I rushed around and lubed the chains on every motorcycle in the garage until I had emptied my can of lube. To be fair, the Grease Ninja does take some time to figure out, but the end result is worth it. Not only does the Grease Ninja put the lube exactly where it will do the most good, but it prevents lube from getting all the places you don't want it. Like your swingarm, your exhaust pipes, your wheel, your tire or all over the ground; which means you use less chain lube. I'd also be willing to say that using this little device, which puts lube exactly where it should be, will make a notable difference in how long your chain will last.

It's not often I stumble across a product like this; as affordable as it is effective. For a mere $15, you'd be foolish not to have one of these in your garage.

By Buzzard52

For the first time in 20 years I have a motorcycle with a chain instead of a belt or shaft. Lubing the chain, while not difficult, is not a neat or pleasant job. Well it is with this thing. Why didn't I think of it? It's easy, mess free, idiot proof, gets the lube right where it's needed and no where else. Outstanding!

By Buzzard52

It was exactly what I hoped it would be. I have used it and it works very well. It makes lubing the chain on my motorcycle a 5 minute job instead of a 30 minute job. Great service also from the vendor, it arrived 5 days from the order date.

By J. F. Vogel "Road Runner" (Central Illinois)

I purchased the Grease Ninja after making a mess of the garage floor , rear wheel,etc. What a ingenious idea ! I ordered one for the 530 size chain and later used it on a 520 size chain. It worked well on both chains. I highly recommend having one of these in your tool box, it frees up one hand to spin the rear wheel.Of course the rear wheel has to be off the ground. Thanks Grease Ninja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Paul Robinson (Kansas City USA)

and this little device concentrates the spray where it's needed and keeps it off the tire. One trick I use is to duct tape the copper wire to the can of lube - that makes the setup a little sturdier.

By the MC Staff

Designed by motorcycle riders in Pennsylvania looking for a better way to lube their drive chains, the GreaseNinja is little more than a sculptured block of polymer plastic, cut to clear the drive chain. A simple malleable wire tethers the GreaseNinja to a can of chain lube. The delivery tube from the chain lube plugs into the GreaseNinja, which is ported to deliver pressurized chain lube evenly and completely as the chain passes underneath. Unbelievably simple and incredibly effective. $15. MC

BMW Club Member Review - By Jeff Flystra

Product Review - Grease Ninja I hope this thread doesn't devolve into a "What's the best chain lube?" train wreck. So what's a Grease Ninja? It's a chain lube accessory used in conjunction with an aerosol lubricant.

The business-side has two slots that guide on the chain side plates. Journals are drilled in the soft plastic (Delrin?) block to deliver the chain lube directly over the O or X-rings.

The block is attached directly to your aerosol can of lube with a metal hanger and a flexible tube delivers the lube from the can to the block then onto the chain. One hand holds the can and operates the spray nozzle while the other hand turns the tire through a full rotation of the chain. A few seconds later, the chain is fully lubed and you can go back to killing your brain cells with beer.

I like it because it's simple, quick and effective, especially for garage use after a ride. Spin, squeeze, wipe and done. END

Motorcycle Times Pat Elburn – Editor

Recently, we received the GreaseNinja, a cleverly designed tool for lubing the chain on your motorcycle (or anything with a chain that the tool will fit). When you first open the package you may think that this gadget can’t work because it is too simple. Well, it does work and it works well. Your next thought may be to wonder why you didn’t think of it first. When lubricating a chain you want the lubricant on the inside of the rollers and between the plates. The ports inside the GreaseNinja place the lubricant in those places, right where you need it, and not all over your wheel or swing arm. Typically when the drive chain is lubricated the lube gets heavy in some spots which causes it to sling off the chain and on to you and your riding clothes. The GreaseNinja just about eliminates sling off.

To use the Ninja, you simply place the included tube into the nozzle on your aerosol can of lubricant with the other end affixed to the top of the chain block which rests on the chain. The block can be attached to the can or to the bike to hold it in place with the supplied retainer, while the rear wheel is rotated and the nozzle is pressed to release just the right amount of lubricant onto the chain.

On my first attempt, the tube supplied wouldn’t fit my nozzle and the tube from the can was too short. I contacted GreaseNinja and they sent a tube kit that can adapt to any can of lubricant. I later tried the tube on different cans and had no trouble with the fit. The GreaseNinja comes in the most popular sizes for motorcycles and bicycles, but can be custom made if you have a chain size not listed. Any tool that uses less lubricant, is easy to use, and makes less mess, means there is more time to ride. At $15 plus $1.65 shipping (U.S. Destinations), GreaseNinja is a true bargain and is 100% made in the USA, in Saint Peters, PA. This is something that everyone should have in their tool box. You can learn more about the GreaseNinja at


ONE OF THE THINGS THAT I HAVE really enjoyed in the 20-plus years that I have been scribbling this column is the stumbling upon little, off-the-wall products that I never knew existed. I’m not talking about essential, big-ticket items that define the overall riding experience, but rather little sundry products created by fertile minds to address an unmet need or to resolve a minor irritant. These are the products that elicit the response: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Thanks to MOA member (and satisfied customer) Dick Daniels, I was introduced to the GreaseNinja® chain oiler.

But first, let me give you a bit of background. Drive Chains have turned wheels for centuries. With the advent of the shaft drive, campfire discourse has been waged in favor of one technology over the other. While in my lifetime the drive chain has been substantially improved in both quality and service life, nevertheless, it still requires lubrication.

This is a service task that any rider can do. But depending upon the access to the chain of any particular bike, it still can be a challenge to provide the correct amount of lubricant to the correct area of the chain without spewing the excess all over the rear wheel, swingarm and the garage floor. That is, unless you have the GreaseNinja.

The GreaseNinja is a chuck of plastic with a hole in it. Rather inelegant, but efficient. Okay, picture this: you take a small rectangular block of white plastic and cut two parallel channels into the underside. Inside each of these channels you drill a small hole that join the one another in a third small hole that exits through the top of the plastic block (kink of like an upside down “Y”). You with me so far?

Now take the plastic block and place it on top of the bottom run of the drive chain on your bike so that the side plates of the chain fit inside the two channels in the block. Now take a small plastic tube and fit one end into the hole on top of the plastic block and the other end into your can of chain lube. Can you see where I’m going with this?

When you spray the lube, it travels down the plastic tube, into the hole on top of the plastic block and finally exits the block through the two holes that are situated directly over the ends of the chain rollers and side plates.

“But how do you move the chain through the block in order to lube the entire chain?” you ask. Take a length of heavy gauge copper wire anchoring one end to the plastic block and wrap the other end around the can of chain lube. Since the plastic block is now rigidly attached to the can of lube, as your rotate the rear wheel the block remains stationary. Depress the spray nozzle on the can, and as the chain passes through the block, it’s being lubricated. Brilliant, huh?

The good news is that you don’t have to go out and get all of the materials and try to make one. For $15 you can order the GreaseNinja.

To try out the Ninja, I lined up five bikes in the garage, raised the rear wheels and started lubing chains. This was the first time I didn’t have to clean the swingarm and rear wheel of overspray or lay down the equivalent of the Sunday edition of the New Your Times to protect the garage floor. Other than a bit of drippage directly under the Ninja, the chain was properly lubed with no mess or wasted lube.

On suggestion, however, was mentioned briefly in the supplied instructions. After wrapping the end of the copper wire around the can of lube, secure it with either a hose clamp or (my preference) duct tape. Otherwise, the plastic block can be difficult to hold rigidly in place while the chain is passing through it.

The GreaseNinja is available for popular chain sizes (#520, #525 and #530). Other sizes are also available for small displacement bikes (like my beloved Hodaka Wombat) and even bicycles. The Ninja is designed for O-ring, X-ring, as well as “no-ring” chains.

The GreaseNinja sells for $15 and has a three year warranty. To order, or for additional information, contact GreaseNinja, P.O. Box 153, St. Peters, PA 19470, 610-469-0547,,

Thanks again, Dick Daniels, for the tip.

BackRoads Magazine

Read full review at page 38

Canyon Chasers

Earle in Gaithersburg, Maryland Grease Ninja has developed one of the easiest methods for lubing your motorcycle chain. It has really taken this messy and arduous task and revolutionalized the process so it now only takes minutes to lube my chain and all the mess that was originally associated with this task is a thing of the past. Check out their inexpensive solution at

Greg in Australia
My GreaseNinja turned up during the week, so I tried it out on the Dorsoduro today. It certainly makes the job of greasing/oiling the chain easy! Since I'm doing around 450 kays a week, the chain needs attention every weekend so this gadget is certainly a welcome addition.

Vic in Louisana
I would like to share this neat tool I found. For years, I have used cardboard behind the chain while lubing to limit spray to the chain.Sadly, almost all chain lubes come in a spray can. Except 2 that I have yet to try. Sprays makes a mess. Cleaning and lubing a chain is the easy part, but cleaning up after sucks. With the thing called a Grease Ninja (GN) you will never miss a link due to a shaky hand or distractions. Perfect lube job every time. All you do is buy the right size GN for your chain size, and attach this thing to your can. Trim your spray tube to length to minimize excessive bending of tube and attach to the plastic block. Place on chain, spin wheel and spray at the same time. Unfortunately the sprays come out very fast. To avoid over spraying I have to spin quickly. Sometimes the plastic block catches and slows me down a little. This is the only problem I had. If the edges that touch the chain were more rounded this would be less likely to happen. Anyway, been using the GN for a few months and its a neat tool. No more cardboard for me. Check it out - Less cleanup, more riding.

Paul in Overland Park, Kansas "I try to lube my motorcycle chain every week and this little device concentrates the spray where it's needed and keeps it off the tire. One trick I use is to duct tape the copper wire to the can of lube - that makes the setup a little sturdier."

Craig in Fort Wayne, Indiana
I clean and lube my bike's chain every 200 to 500 miles. I read about the GreaseNinja in a motorcycle magazine, so I thought I would give it a try. It really does work extremely well. I always had to try to avoid getting over spray of the lube on the wheel and frame, but now I don't have that issue. Additionally, it allows you to quickly and evenly lube the inner and out of the chain very easily and more thoroughly too. I have been very pleased with the GreaseNinja and would highly recommend it to anyone who has a bike with a chain.

Bert in Lee Summit, Missouri
The GreaseNinja is a fantastic new tool for lubing your bike's chain! It allows you to put the lube where it should be without trashing the side of your bike. It helps get the proper amount of lube on the chain without overspray and it is very simple to use! It beats the heck out of trying to manipulate cardboard to protect other surfaces.

Clarke in Loveland, Ohio

I used the GreaseNinja at our ride/gathering in Marietta, OH.. 1st time on a trip. It was so easy, no muss/no fuss. I sent an email to our state director describing your product and my satisfaction with how great it worked.

Janusz in Indianapolis, Indiana

Your product is a really Universal Tool for Chain Maintenance. Simply - no moving parts. It still looks like new! With a little effort to keep it clean after every use the “GreaseNinja” will last forever. After initial cleaning chain with sturdy paper towel or shop rags, I use a Grease Ninja to deliver Motorcycle Spray Chain Cleaner (D-Safe) to chain itself. I'm also using “GreaseNinja” to lubricate the chain; manually spinning the rear wheel for few minutes, to lubricate the links well. I leave my bike set overnight. It takes maybe 20 to 30 minutes, every 400 to 500 miles to clean and lubricate the chain. I also use the chain cleaner to clean the “GreaseNinja” after every use.

Dick in Queensbury, New York

I recently purchased a GreaseNinja Drive Chain Lubricator on line fromLinear Market Technical Services Corp in Pennsylvania. This device fits over the drive chain and allows you to lube the chain with a spray can of lubricant without getting lubricant all over the floor, tire, and brake calipers. The lubricant spray is directed to the O-ring areas of the chain only so the lubricant is not wasted in overspray. Consequently, it makes lubricating the chain a simple, quick, no-mess operation that saves money since there is no waste. The cost of the Lubricator is $15.00 + $1.00 shipping. I think it would be worth highlighting this item in the product section of the BMWMOA magazine.

Chris, Senior Mechanic Motorcycle Safety Program – Pennsylvania We service and maintain hundreds of chained motorcycles at the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program Service Warehouse located in the Harrisburg, PA area. I have been using the GreaseNinjaTM and have had great success with it. The GreaseNinjaTM does what it advertises…places the lubricant where it needs to be on the drive chain and eliminates the cleanup, saving me valuable time. I recommend it.

Rich in Alpharetta, Georgia
"Much Needed Product That Works Great" I always hated lubricating my motorcycle chain. It was messy, got overspray in all the wrong places and didn't get to all parts of the chain. I saw Grease Ninja reviewed in a magazine and decided to try it. I ordered two since my bikes have different size chains. Shortly thereafter I received an e-mail from Grease Ninja saying that they have a new version that would work on both chain sizes and asked if I'd like to change my order. I love this customer respect. They could have just sold me two and made more money but they were honest and saved me money. I've used the Grease Ninja I received several times and am amazed at how well it works. It is easy to use and I now lubricate my chains much more often since it only takes a couple minutes and there is no mess. Its a great tool and you should give it a try!

Dave in Virginia

Just got back from my 1,500 mi. trip to Ohio and back and saw that I have my new GreaseNinja! Thanks so much. I just came back from the garage greasing my chain. What a difference that tool makes. So easy and no mess, just like you said. I can't believe how easy it works. I am picking up my VTX at the dealer later this week and I'm taking it with me to show to the Service Manager. Can't wait to show it to him. Thanks again for the GreaseNinja, it's now a permanent piece of my travel tools. Going to be nice having it for my long trips.

Richard in Washington State

I have used the GreaseNinja since last fall and really like it. I no longer have to shoot through the spokes and get all acrobatic on my chained bike. In fact, this little ninja is making me consider another chainer for the stable. Hmmm, a late 70s project bike?

Gil in Australia

I really like your innovative little tool (the mighty grease ninja) as it really does deliver the chain lube in the correct place and provides lubrication to the chain for far longer than just spraying the links freehand. Cheers

John in Illinois

I purchased the Grease Ninja after making a mess of the garage floor , rear wheel,etc. What a ingenious idea ! I ordered one for the 530 size chain and later used it on a 525 size chain. It worked well on both chains. I highly recommend having one of these in your tool box, it frees up one hand to spin the rear wheel.Of course the rear wheel has to be off the ground. Thanks Grease Ninja!


Dave Fiedler -

Grease Ninja: A Cleaner Option for Spray Lubricants

'If you've ever used spray lubricant on your bike chain, you know it can be a messy proposition. Not only is overspray on your bike frame and wheels a big problem, the simple fact is that there is a whole lot of waste with it as well. Much of the lubricant simply sails away in the air.

We had the chance to try out a nifty device recently called the Grease Ninja that offers an ingenious design to solve both of these problems of waste and overspray. It's basically a simple three piece set-up: a tube inserted into the nozzle of your aerosol lubricant; a block that rests on your chain and guides the spray from the tube to the exact right part; and a wire that holds the whole thing together--can, tube and block--leaving your other hand free to turn the pedals and move your chain under the concentrated spray. If this is the sort of thing that sounds interesting to you, visit to check it out.'


Review the full review:
'I recently discovered a new product that helps to put a light layer of lubricant on the chain. It is called the GreaseNinja and works with aerosol lubricants. The GreaseNinja is connected to the can of lubricant and a part of it straddles the chain. When the lubricant is sprayed though the GreaseNinja as the bicycle pedals are rotated, a light uniform coating of lubricant is deposited on the chain. If you use aerosol lubricant without a GreaseNinja, you will likely get less uniform coverage and get lubricant on other parts of the bike. '

Emily in Allentown, PA

I have been using the GreaseNinja for oiling my bicycle chain for a couple of months. I am completely satisfied with the GreaseNinja. It makes the messy job of oiling the chain so easy and fast. I highly recommend it.

S. Hyde in Washington

I love to ride, and to keep my bikes chains in good order they must have lube applied regularly. This item is a plastic nylon block with a copper wire that wraps around the spray lube can. There is a hole which uses a small tube to attach the spray head to the white lube block. This one hole feeds into two holes in either side of the block, within the V. This lubes both sides of the chain when the chain is passed through it. Sounds great, but the weakness is in the execution of the small tube that attaches to the spray nozzle. In my item the tube detaches easily and lube goes all over. This defeats the purpose of the item. I am using a glue to fix the tube into the block, and this will fix the problem. A small flaw, but annoying.

Katie and Dick in Phoenix, Arizona

The greaseninja - is a awesome tool for keeping your chains clean and lube on any bicycle, we have been using this item over a year - takes less than 5 minutes to lube and clean our Tandem chains ! It's a must for all bikes! Thanks Greaseninja for making our up keep maintenance so easy!!!!!

John DiRenzo – Tri-County Bicycles – Pottstown, PA

I wanted to touch base with you since I have had some time to use the Grease Ninja in everyday practical use at the shop. I have lubricated over 50 bicycle chains using your product and I have to tell you that it works perfectly! Not only does it cut down on over-spray it applies the perfect amount of lubricant directly where it is needed. I think you have a winner here!

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